Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Handmade Movement

Handmade has really changed since I was a kid. There isn't anything that we can't do ourselves, with a little training and practice.

When I first started making lampwork my little rondell shaped beads were pretty pathetic looking. Then I caught sight of some lampwork fish. Amazing!! And I knew I had to learn that. Of course, there's a huge difference between a rondell and a fish. So what do you do?

The internet has an unlimited source of information, of course. But books are still my favorite way to learn. I can sit curled up on the couch, under a nice warm blankie, and flip through page after page of yummy lampwork pictures.

Handmade has certainly changed a lot from my perspective. It's gone from crafting for fun (which is what I remember as a kid), to full blown income sources for a lot of independent artisans. But, more so for buyers, I think it's come to mean a special kind of uniqueness and quality you just can't find with manufactured goods. And I think that is a wonderful thing.

I think of handmade as being made with heart, not just with hands. So, what does handmade mean to you? I'd love to hear your thoughts.


Teri Landow said...

Yes, handmade has completely changed since I was a kid, too. It's an amazing ride to be on! Watching independent artisans come into their own all over the world is so wonderful, and helping to educate people on the joy of supporting these artisans is just fantastic!!!!

catinalife said...

you have the most beautiful beads! IMO handmade crap is so much better than any store bought, supporting other handmade artists just makes sense, get the best, avoid the imported sweat shop crap, handcrafted crap I am always so impressed with quality and workmanship, now get over to my shop and buy my handcrafted crap!!!

mamaslittlemonkeys said...

Handmade when I was a kid was a disgrace, a shame because you couldn't afford the cool clothes. I remember wearing these horrible coulottes (sp?)--those not pants, not shorts, not capri things!? UGH they were awful! I am incredibly happy handmade has come a long way! I can still pick out a handmade dress on any child in a class over store bought but most times it is cute, well made and adorable! There were no designer fabrics when I was a kid! LOL

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