Saturday, May 15, 2010

Why handmade crap?

"Yeah, what's with the name? Is it really crap or what?"

No, it's not crap in the sense that it's bad. It's more like the kind of crap you hoard and save to treasure forever. It's like the closet bursting full of goodies that you just don't have time to play with or even try on any longer.

It's all the crap you thought you'd use again. It's all the crap that you just can't give away. It's all the crap that you really want to find a good home for because it's just so dang awesome!!!

And really, it's just a bunch of snarky handmade artisans who enjoy life and are a really funny bunch of people. And it pretty much sums up our sense of humor. Which also isn't crap!

Or is it?? You decide ;)


TiLT said...

We are craptastic :)Sounds nicer that way huh? Yes, crap is good....just can be too much for one home, so we have to learn to share :)

Sandi said...

Hello! Love this post and I am following you now. People witha good sense of humor are hard to find and really fun! So hey new friend!